online Assessment and formulation

Before starting therapy you will need to have an assessment. I currently undertake assessments via video call or telephone and they are usually completed in a 60 min session. On some occasions people may require more than one assessment and formulation session. 

Areas explored in the assessment include:

  • The area you want to work on in treatment.
  • Going through a ‘specific situation’ in depth.
  • When the problem started.
  • Any previous mental health problems.
  • Factors which you feel may have triggered or contributed to the problem.  
  • Your goals for treatment.
  • Any past treatment you have had.

At the end of the assessment I will be able to give you an initial formulation (a picture of what the problem is, what led to it and what is maintaining it) recommendations going forward and whether CBT is suitable or not. 


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Online Individual cognitive behavioural Therapy

Once you have had an assessment and CBT has been deemed suitable then you will be able to commence regular therapy sessions. 

I’m currently conducting all therapy sessions online via Zoom.

You will usually be seen on your own. The number of CBT sessions needed depends on the difficulty and you will be informed of an estimate of how many sessions you might be needed after an initial assessment. Most people have between 5 and 20 weekly sessions – each session lasting 50-60 min.

Clinical Supervision

I have been supervising trainee and qualified therapists since 2014. I’m able to provide general CBT supervision and specialist supervision in CBT-E. 

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